Professional stock, forex, and commodity analysis and timing services for brokers, and advisors. Better trades means more customers.

As a professional advisor or a broker you have worked hard to acquire clients, so earning them above average returns during up and down market cycles will keep your clients in your portfolio longer, and could attract additional clients.


I combine fundamental and my own technical timing tools develop over three decades of research to give you some of the best stock, forex, and commodity picks during up and down markets.


The average recommended target price for stocks is reached in about a three month period, and at times can be kept for a longer period of time. Average time for a trade to reach it's profit target for forex trades is about two months, and for commodities it is two to six months.


My three decades of experience definitely will makes a big difference in the quality of the trades you'll be getting, and your clients overall satisfaction.


For more information feel free to contact me and let me know the best time to get back to you.


Sample trades (Past trades are not indicative of future results)


All trade signals are posted on our website and emailed to you. We provide concise entry points and stops.






markUnder valued stocks.

markMajor stocks.

markStocks with growth potential.

markETF's 1X and 2X







mark25 forex currency pairs are analyzed using the Dylan Wave Theories.

markFundamental analysis.






markCommodity trade signals based on below the cost of production.

markCommodity trade signals based on based on the Dylan Wave Theories.

markMost major commodities, such as metals, energy, grains, e-mini, and soft markets.



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